The old lady… oude dame

This portrait is made for a command I had.I was living at that time in the same apartment building which was actually a service flat for elderly’s. The theme I had to work with for my study was family.Due to the fact I don’t have any family left, I thought to knock on the door of some of the elderly people I got to know and were visiting regularly.Some of the ladies I had in mind to do a portrait series with were very enthusiastic and some of them didn’t know what to do with my idea.Now, I’m a type of person that works in accordance of the moment its self and this also applies to work as a photographer. When I was standing on the doormat of this lovely lady she looked very nervous. So, I sat down and we drunk first a nice cup of tea to bring her, the surroundings of her apartment into a relaxing mood. In the meanwhile, I was preparing my gear for the coming shoot.Just on the moment that I felt ready for the work, I saw her sitting in her favorite chair being in her mind.At the same time, I felt her fear and insecurity arising in her, ‘cause she was now showing the state of beingness that not many have seen from her before and to someone, she just started to get to know better.That is what you can feel and see in this portrait.


Deze foto is gemaakt voor een opdracht die ik had te doen.Ik woonde toendertijd in een service flat voor ouderen. De opdracht die luidde was een familie foto te  maken. Aangezien ik zelf niet meer deel van een fysieke familie ben, bedacht ik om aan te kloppen bij ouderen bij wie ik met enige regelmaat langs kwam. Sommige waren reuze enthousiast en anderen wisten niet zo goed raad met wat ze nu konden en moesten verwachten. Nu ben ik het type mens dat alles doet vanuit het moment zo ook dus met mijn fotografie. Toen ik bij deze dame binnenkwam was zij ook heel zenuwachtig. We hebben eerst even een paar kopjes thee gedronken om haar en het moment in ontspanning te brengen. Ondertussen maakte ik mijn apparatuur gereed en op het moment dat ik voelde om aan het werk te gaan toen zat zij in haar stoel ingedachten te zijn.Tegelijkertijd voelde ik ook een vorm van angst en onzekerheid in haar opkomen want ze gaf zich zomaar aan iemand bloot die ze maar een beetje kende. En dat is wat in deze foto te voelen en te zien is…

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Two goldfish are apparently swimming a bit aimless in there to small bowl, But they are mirroring a life lesson to and for those who truly dare to look in that mirror the fish are giving. ‘Look at us, do they say; At this point there is no difference between you and us, because you are also swimming constantly the same rounds in your life, and you all are complaining being a prisoner of the life you live and or this system or world you are part of and still thinking you aren’t able to break out of it. But nothing could be further from the truth. As we can jump out of awkward bowl, so are you able to break these prison bars where you think are behind. Come and breakthrough all these seemingly concrete walls. Wash and shake all that doesn’t fit and belong to you nor serves your path of evolution or progression as you can call it too. Dare to go your own path. Don’t look behind and towards others but stay focused on the footsteps you have to place. Just do what we fish are doing, enjoy the dive into that vibrant water of life. Discover the endless flexibility of your body. Enjoy in grattitude all that life is giving you. Do not believe in impossibilities. Leave the newspapers, internet, phones, and so on behind you. It has been falsely taught to you all to let you believe you need all this stuff. Go inside and you shall discover that there awaits abilities and knowledge in you to be opened up. Let all that you thought were true go! Only you, yourself can make the change no one else can do it for you. Enjoy the road you have to go, knowing that it is sometimes painful too.




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