Go on the wings of evolution…

In true thankfulness, I allow evolution to happen within me and through me.By this, I allow it to happen the transformations that come with it in me and my body physically as well as energetically.

With this, I allow to let go of the entire old structure in me, my life and my body and to let go also all the attachments that are attached to it. Fully trusting the new whatever that will be that arises within me and through me that will lead to the building of a new structure or fundament through which a new reality will be born.

Knowing that I’m an expression of life its self…

In this, I’m asking life to guide and assist me and my body in this evolutionary and transformative process we go through!

Therefore, I”m asking life to arrange and bring me and my body all and everything that is needed for us to undergo this interesting, challenging and learning evolutionary and transformative process…


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