The mask of fake…

A robin is singing her song, in the meanwhile she looks around if someone can see her sitting there the tree! Why are you forcing your voice into something that’s not you? Asks the butterfly.Am I doing so then?! says the robin, ‘Yes, you are singing in a way that sounds quite fake’ You are longing to be seen by others, says the butterfly. But that is what they like to hear  and with they I also mean the people of these days, says the robin, who finds the questions of the butterfly very difficult and prefers to see her going. ‘You are not a part of huge herd or flock, lovely robin. ‘ ‘You are as good as you are from deep within you and you know that. So pull of that fake mask of wanting to be seen and heard of your face. Don’t let yourself go on the waves of lifeless and nonsense. Just sing that song of life that sparkles every heart into joy and happiness with that true sound that is in you’! This is how you can inspire and lift up all life in and around you.’  Now miss Butterfly flew away, leaving a robin in despair, still sitting on her branch, knowing that miss Butterfly was right in the things she had said…




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