Playing football with my friends…


Teddy, Olly the clown and Ray are for quite some time good friends. Teddy and Olly are living in the same street, called the honey tree and Ray lives in Pine street wich is six blocks away from Teddy’s house. Wednesday is their free day, but that morning it was a bit foggy and some drizzling rain was falling on Ollies hat, he was on his way to Teddy who was still sleeping.At 10 am he ran the doorbell and Teddy rushed down stairs to open the door. Good morning Olly?! What is it that brings you here? ‘Well, I came to pick you up to go to Ray and then we take the bus to the other side of the city where they have opened a new play field. Another play field? says Teddy. ‘But Olly, I first have to eat my breakfast, have you spoken Ray already about this? Yes, he is waiting for us, so hurry Teddy, take it with you then your breakfast and don’t forget to bring the ball with you! I’ll see you at the busstation near  Ray’s home. Fifteen minutes later Teddy arrived at the busstation and the three friends hopped on the bus to go to that new play field where they could play their own football match…




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