Sometimes you can be too tired…

Mr Dunn went to the library last Thursday, he also had to bring back some books he already had finished reading. An hour later he left and went home with his new books under his arm. Walking towards his kitchen he saw an interesting title of a book he never had seen before, he must admit that it is a bit of a chaos in his house. He was quite surprised to see what the book was about. The title were: ‘ How to live a life from an higher awareness perspective’ Hmmm, said Dunn in himself, that is true as well, I were quite into this material and decided to go more in depth with it, but then I got so distracted that I totally forgot it. But a part in me wants me to read it again and do something with it. So, Mr Dunn made him a cup of tea and went back to his favorite chair. Then an hour later he got a bit tired do to all the information he had absorbed and fell asleep on his book….



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