The chalet of Snoopy….

For several years Snoopy were thinking about an own vacation home for him and his friends. But first he had to draw how the house had to look, then he had to decide from what material he wanted to build the house from. Living in a world where everyone is promoting to build and construct in a way that is friendly for the environment, Snoopy choose to go for green and natural and found an address where he could buy wood that was from re-planted trees and were certified.Then something amazingly happend  Snoopy felt that he had to buy a lottery ticket which is something he never had done before. A few days later he read in the newspaper that he had won the lottery which gave him now the opportunity to build his own chalet.Now the only thing he had to do was looking and searching for a contractor so that there was a person that were skilled in leading him through this proces of building his own chalet and could point him on all those important steps he probably would forget or didn’t see due to his lack of experience. Finally after six months his chalet was ready to be lived in. Snoopy invited his friends to come and see his chalet and to tell them that even they would get the opportunity to spent some of their free time. All his friends were speechless and couldn’t say a word at first. After a few minutes they got so enthusiastic and thrilled and said to him they hardly couldn’t wait to use it too…




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