The inner journey …

Several years ago, Snoopy decided to step into an inner healing proces.He felt that his life didn’t progress in a way his heart wanted him to go. He felt something was trying to disrupt him from the path he felt he had to go. He had done many jobs and after awhile he new he had to go. Then he thought about creating his own business but in what? Yes, he knew he’s a good healer but did he had to do this for living? Was it  his purpose to be a healer in this life too? When he thought about it resistance came in. He loves to be creative and to play with his photo camera and in finding words that turned into little stories he could use in his creative way of photography. Then he thought he had a marvelous idea. He started to write a book with his own affirmations and then sell it. It turned to be a mis thinking. Yeh, the process had learned him a lot of new tools and in learning to create his own website. He now knows the process of how to create a book and all that comes with it. And there was all the time that feeling that pulled him into energy work, he had to do where he had to use his own affirmations for. That energy flow were asking him to discover his inner worlds, to make contact with his heart and energy system. There he would find the information that will lead him to these steps that will bring him closer to his own inner knowledge and knowing of what he wants to do here in this world, named earth. The pearls are also laid in his template aka as the holographic energy system, but to see them he has to clear himself and his energy system from all and everything that isn’t his nor belongs to him or were from any service for his path of healing and progression. And then there was this famous…. BUT…… he felt many fears from all kinds and at the end of the day he knew he had to do it. Life gave him a little present. Fermented cabby juice, it would help him in his cleansing proces and could assist the body in its self regeneration, restoring and healing system. He started to drink the juice and after a few weeks he noticed differences. Then he remembered that the person who had discovered the healing and regeneration abilities of fermented cabby had said that you have to keep drinking this juice for quite a long time and probably your whole life…Never mind thought Snoopy, ‘I truly want to bring a huge change in myself and my life I’m going for it and will commit myself to this new way of living no matter how tough and hard some pieces of my healing process will be!!! and what I have to face! I shall face it and find me a way to handle and deal with it. Snoopy has found himself ways through which he can continue his inner healing but also to get himself a better understanding of who he is and about the reality he now is part of. He knows from deep within he is able to change and create himself another reality where he doesn’t have to participate any longer in things like consumerism and all the stuff that is invented to keep you away from what truly is asked by your heart of what you actually have to do…Underneath you can see Snoopy’s inner proces depicted…


The inner fence that surrounds Snoopy….
His inner fence has fallen down and from now on he finally can choose what kind of live he wants to live and what type of reality he wants to be part of…
Snoopy placing his first steps toward his new way of living and into new progression rates…
_DSC0098 B
Snoopy and his ego are for the last time looking at their past to it goodbye with words flowing from the heart …
Snoopy and his ego have finally left the past and the old behind them to walk towards the new not knowing to where the new will lead them to…. But they carry a deep trust in the guidance of the heart….
Snoopy has entered his inner heart and can now start his proces of cleansing his heart and heart field so it will be able to pull in the higher vibration energy that can help his physical and energetic form to be cleansed too. Through this his heart field can now attract what is needed for progression so he will grow into a higher awareness and new levels of consciousness…

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