What is time?

What is time?

Is it a concept ? Invented to fool ourselves, in thinking that we then have a grip on life and through this can controle it? Or is it a way so we can constantly be distracted and being busy with millions of things that actually do not matter.

What is time?

A looping system, so you can go back and forth. From one parallel to another? Travelling to pick up, pull back those parts or pieces of yourself that belongs to you so you can become whole again…

What is time?

A vague memory of what you once were? Is time invented to give a framework or fundament to and for this solar system through which life can unfold by the creation of cycles?

What is time?

A handy archive where we can store all and everything we have experienced so when we get confronted with situations we can lean back into this handy archived library?

What is time?

Is it the same as the endless flow of the vital life force we all are an expression of, which we have named time so our brain can coupe with it?

What is time?

Have you ever took the time to think or contemplate about it?


How can one belief that there is continuously a lack of time…

Ever asked the question, who invented time…

What if time is an illusion, a way to keep you distracted from the true purpose you have to fulfill…

Is time symbolizing the endless wave through which live moves?

Or is it a means in order to have controle over your live or a feeling that you, have that?

Or does time give you structure and visibility to your live?

What does time mean for you as a reader?

What if time is created by other of world races so they could and still can enter this planet or world through their own specific created code sheets…


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