Its amazing to know that all we can see is just an expression of the vital life force itself and we all are an expression and extension of it! If you look to nature then its like you look at a huge painting this is mostly expressed during winter season especially when the frost knocks on the door. The moment when you wake up and are stepping out of your warm bed walking towards your bedroom window to open up the curtains and saying good morning to a world that has that morning changed into a slightly frozen world which feels for the body as very cold but is for the eyes a true picture of untamed beauty as if your standing in a painting made in just one night. If I look at this frozen leaf then I see an incredible strength expressed through its veins, I feel what it has given during  its development of small button to a mature leaf and all the coloration it managed to conjure forth till it were time to go and this was just its last attempt to give and this world another kind of beauty.


A frozen leave...


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