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What is it that frightens you so much when looking in the mirror?

What is it that humans are afraid to truly see in themselves when they leave behind their created paradigms and illusions? Which can be also a creation of me.

What if you expose yourself with what you see when all veils are disappeared around you? What shall happen then?

What if you find out that you once were a thought form, seeded as an idea through which I created myself a chance to explore all the ideas I have in me that I want to investigate and through which I can discover all possible possibilities and abilities I just want to manifest so I can observe and experiences the moves and outcomes that come forth with it?

What makes you ignoring to see and feel through my eyes and this temporary body without any obstruction or interference of what is…

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Remember this one…

Have you ever thought about the meaning of the word, …HUMAN?

I did and this is where each letter stands for:






Ain’t it about time that we are consciously going to remember this?!

Instead of focussing on others let this focus be on  yourself and start to awaken this advanced human in you…you can do it! All is already in you, you only have to make the choice and set the steps for it…


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